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November 21, 2012

Gratitude Turkey Treat Jar

Do you need a project for your kids to do while you are cooking your Thanksgiving feast tomorrow? We’ve got the perfect project for them - a gratitude turkey treat jar! Thanks to the Toddler-Approved blog, this project will repurpose some of your recyclables, while helping your children learn about the sprit of gratitude and giving thanks this holiday.

Materials Needed: 
·         Glue
·         Candy
·         jars with lids
·         colored cardstock
·         scissors
·         markers
·         googly eyes

1. Grab your leftover Halloween candy or any small treat that will fit inside your jar. 
2. Fill up your jar with treats. 
3. Draw some feathers.
4. Cut out the feathers. (This is a good scissor-skills activity for little ones.)
5. Make sure that your jar is FULL and the lid is on tight!
6. Brainstorm what your child is thankful for, or the people they are thankful for and what they like to do with that person. Write their answers (or have them write their answers) on the feathers. 
7. Add some double-stick tape to the back of the jar and start sticking the feathers on. Make sure to have their thankful words all facing the same direction. 
8. Use some glue and add on a beak, googly eyes and a wattle. (If you do not have googly eyes, you can cut out eyes with white paper and use a black marker to color in eyes.) Let everything dry.
9. Review all of the things that your child wrote on the feathers together. Deliver your turkey treat jar to a person they are thankful for, and have them tell them why they are the recipient of their jar.  

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